We're committed to providing you with a broad selection of great tasting, healthy, and sustainably sourced food.

Fresh Food
Our menus are created by experienced chefs who have a passion for food.
  Freshly Prepared
Our recipes are freshly prepared and made as close to the meal time as possible.

Fresh Ingredients We feature fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low or non-fat dairy options.   Vegetarian Friendly
We provide a vegetarian friendly environment, with a variety of vegetarian and vegan choices.

Calorie Conscious Choices We provide healthy choices and make nutrition information available for the food we serve.   Seasonal Itema
The seasons shape our menus. We emphasize the use of local ingredients, produced sustainably whenever we can

Culturally Diverse Menus Great tasting, authentic, and culturally diverse food are mainstays - celebrating traditional favourites, ethnic dishes and international flavours.   Reducing Sodium and Fats We are reducing the amounts of sodium and unhealthy fats in our recipes, and working with our suppliers to do the same in their ingredients.

Sustainable Seafood We are working toward 100% sustainably sourced seafood - partnering with industry leaders such as the Marine Stewardship Council, and our seafood suppliers to ensure we help protect our oceans for generations to come.   Animal Welfare We recognize animal welfare is an important component to a sustainable supply chain and are expanding partnerships with producers who share the commitment.
Gluten Free We recognize and accommodate special dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner.   Green Consciousnes A green consciousness runs throughout our kitchens and dining halls each and every day.

Individual Support Individual support and attention for students with food allergies, intolerances, and special dietary needs.

We recognize and accommodate your dietary needs in a way that's personalized, sensitive and supportive. In fact, we pride ourselves on working with you to make sure you can find the food that fits your life. For more information or special dietary needs, please contact your campus dietitian or food service director.