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Tired of spending most of your lunch break waiting in line? That’s probably because every year, the average student on campus spends approximately 45-65 hours waiting in lineups for food.

Well, that’s all about to change thanks to Food Services at Seneca College and a new app called HANGRY! 

HANGRY is the fastest and easiest way to order and pay for food on campus. Download the free app, build your food order from your favourite eateries and cafes across campus, select when you’d like to pick up your order then pay on your credit card. All of this with the tap of your finger

No need to rush to wait in line; HANGRY provides order updates every step of the way, including a notification when your order is ready for pick-up. Head to the cafe, find the HANGRY 

pick up booth, flash your digital receipt and off you go!  You will be rewarded with points for every order you place. You can redeem those points for rewards, discounts, and prizes!

Starting the week of September 12, Seneca College students, faculty and staff will be able to start virtually skipping the line with HANGRY across all four campuses. Download the app today to 

see a list of all the locations available to order. Coming later this year, students will be able to use their pre-paid meal plan dollars on HANGRY too!



HANGRY is hooking everyone up with FREE credits to get started! Also, when you sign up, you’ll receive a FREE 4-week subscription to the service. After the free trial, you can continue to use HANGRY for only $2.99 / month or you can pay as you go.


1.  Download HANGRY: App Store/Google Play

2.  Register Account, Select Seneca College  

3.  Add Promo Code: ‘SENECA16’

4.  Get $2 OFF your first 5 ORDERS*


To learn more, visit http://go.imhangry.ca and never wait in line again!

Available at Newnham, Markham, York Seneca, and King City campuses.
*Promo Offer expires at the October 7th 2016